It’s a miracle!

Since I started my period as a young girl I have had horrible excruciating cramps. As I got older I started getting hormonal migraines as well. Nothing I tried helped. The pain was so severe that I would vomit and miss work – lots of missed work, events, special occasions, everything. I finally (at the age of 46) read online and came across Endovan. I had to try it. I am so glad that I did. Wished I had known of it years ago. It would have saved me a lot of suffering and time away from life. I had read that one woman said it kept her awake at night. I had forgotten that when I received my Endovan and I took the first pill before bed. I didn’t sleep all night. I just take one pill in the morning 10 days before I start my period. I have had almost no cramps and no migraines. I have had some very minor cramps and headaches, but nothing that takes me away from my normal daily activities. I am only taking a portion of the recommended usage. And it still has worked so well. My endocrinologist is testing my hormones and Liver etc. to compare to my results just before starting the Endovan. I have my life back after 30 years. I am so grateful.