How Endovan made my life pain-free

I couldn’t imagine my life without Endovan. It has helped me so much. I no longer dread that time of the month. I hope more women that have endometriosis will learn about this amazing product and be pain-free. I recently told my Gynecologist about Endovan and he asked me if I had a brochure so he could research and possibly recommend it to some patients that has endometriosis, I gave him the brochure that comes with my order. He was really amazed by my complete turn around. But anyways thanks again. You guys keep producing this amazing product!!!

– Amy L.

1 thought on “How Endovan made my life pain-free

  1. rose brown

    I have gone through my change and wore a device called a pessary to hold my uterine prolapse. it caused me to have bleeding. this was in the year 2009. I now am going to have a cystocele performed. Will my past endometriosis be a problem for this procedure?

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