Finally Pain Free!

I bought this product in May, 2014 but did not use it until October, 2014. I ordered it as a last resort for some relief of my stage iv endo pain. I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis at 21. 15 years later, after 3 surgeries, and YEARS of terrible, bed ridden pain, nausea, headaches, IBS and extremely heavy flow, I tried Endovan and I have been almost symptom free! My last two periods have been light, very very mild cramps on the first day only and the rest of my symptoms are gone. I can not believe I did not start this product sooner! I wish I knew about Endovan earlier it would have saved me from surgeries, lupron injections with terrible side effects and years of pain. thank you for such a great product! I am so happy to finally be pain free!