An end to horrible, debilitating cycles

I started Endovan about 7 years ago after my amazing then OBGYN had suggested it.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with endometriosis via surgery when I was 19 and suffered from unbearable cycles since even earlier then that. He suggested Endovan as a last result since we had tried almost every birth control, all ending in failure and with worse side effects than my actual cycles. I try to steer clear of hormone packed solutions for my endometriosis and Endovan seemed like the right fit for me.

In a matter of two weeks my whole body changed. The constant ache and tenderness in my lower stomach subsided and after my first cycle I realized I could never be without Endovan ever again. The huge difference in the amount of clotting, heaviness, and severe cramping was amazing! It no longer hurt to have sex and I could function like a normal human being throughout my cycle.

I just had my daughter 7 months ago and unfortunately had to switch doctors due to insurance issues. This new doctor not only laughed at Endovan, he told me it made no difference if I took it or not. In the months of my pregnancy I wound up stopping Endovan out of pure forgetfulness to reorder and lack of symptoms that I felt. I thought maybe I didn’t need it anymore.

My first few cycles after my daughter were normal, but unfortunately was soon back to my 19 year old self with horrible, debilitating cycles. This last cycle was so bad throughout the entire 30 days that I thought something had gone wrong with my c-section.

It was only after I realized that I had stopped taking the Endovan that I realized my body had reverted back to the painful days I would have rather forgotten. I just ordered myself more and can’t thank this product enough! The staff is so helpful and truly empathize with the people who need it. I always feel understood and validated when looking at the reviews that I made the right decision years ago by listening to my doctor. The quality of life only changed so much for the better!

Courtney G