Noticed the difference immediately

I’m so grateful to God for directing me to Endovan for my daughter! Since a teen she’s had problems with her menstrual period. After she married she was having extreme pain and discovered that she had cysts. I went online and found out about Endovan and rushed her two bottles. She started taking them and immediately noticed the difference in her pain levels. When she went to see the doctor the cyst had begun to shrink. Last year after much prayer and taking Endovan for a few months, she was able to conceive and in October we had a beautiful granddaughter! I’m spreading the word to all of the young women who have female problems about Endovan!! It truly is a God sent blessing!!

Toni S.

My doctor thought she had the wrong chart

My doctor scheduled surgery to remove the orange size fibroids from my uterus but upon the final sonogram exam she saw no need for surgery. At first the technician looked confused then asked me name again. She left the exam room to get the doctor. Both were wondering if the chart was wrong or if I was the wrong patient. Just know that I was happy when she said the surgery is cancelled.

Tina J.

Stopped the pain!

I am a month out from having surgery to help end the female issues I’ve been having, but I didn’t think I could have made it a month with everything going on and the symptoms I was having. A friend suggested…no, insisted I try it and I’m so thankful I did.

Robin, Nashville

Don’t need surgery after taking Endovan for 3 months!!!

I am so grateful that I found your product online. Two doctors three months ago were ready to operate on me to remove a huge fibroid tumor and ovarian cyst that I had. One of the doctors suggested a hysterectomy. Three months after taking Endovan every day as instructed I no longer have an ovarian cyst and my huge fibroid tumor is now so small that they can’t operate on me to remove it completely even if they wanted to. I’m sure that the now smaller tumor will eventually go away completely like the cyst did. What an amazing product. It really works! Thanks again. I hate surgeries. Now I don’t have to have any!


All my symptoms went away!

The constant encouragement to face surgery and have my ovaries removed made me desperate to find an alternative solution. I ran into this product after my first surgery about 7 years ago. I began to have the same symptoms and was facing surgery again. I was told that the endometriosis cure was to have everything removed. I tried Endovan and all my symptoms went away, plus the problematic cysts disappeared. I have bought so many bottles and given it away to friends and family. It has changed their lives too. There is no doubt this is the answer to any growth that’s abnormal without drug side effects. My niece is only 19 and was facing surgery – this took care of the problem. I gave this to a young 30 year old who was scheduled for surgery for an ovary to be removed and she was still a virgin! This canceled her surgery.

AB, Sherman Oaks

I can’t live without it!

I have had endometriosis for many years and one spot that cannot be operated on because if its location. It was so bad I could not bend over and sometimes even standing was difficult. The doctors answers just seemed to cause more problems. I found Endovan and I have used it for 6 years now! I no longer suffer with the pain in my side and my periods are no longer debilitating. I have my life back!

Jen F.

I felt like a new person after just one bottle

I started Endovan back in 2012. It was amazing how much weight I lost in my abdomen and my cramps decreased by at least 80%. I felt like a new person after just one bottle. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I have to thank Endovan.

This is an amazing product. If only my mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin and great grandmother had the opportunity to have this product back then, all of them wouldn’t have had to endure surgery. All of them except for me!! I want to let the world know about Endovan!!!!